About National Prospect ID

National Prospect ID is a team of former collegiate and professional athletes who are passionate about assisting high school student-athletes through the recruiting process. At NPID, we have handpicked some of the best scouts in the industry, creating the most trusted and knowledgeable recruiting team. Collectively, over 4,000 Student Athletes have had success with our team here at National Prospect ID.

We believe every student-athlete deserves a shot to play at the collegiate level, understanding that there are limited roster spots in every sport. Connecting with one of our national scouts to discuss your recruiting options will help determine if you have what it takes to be successful in the recruiting process. It is our job to make sure the student-athletes and families we connect with have realistic expectations and are educated on the recruiting process.

You will go through the recruiting process once in your lifetime. It is our mission here at NPID to make sure you have your absolute best shot to live your dream.

Our Story & How We'll Help you

It has taken 6 years for National Prospect ID to build the most effective recruiting game plan for Student Athletes to reach their collegiate goals.

National Prospect ID has studied the recruiting process from both the College Coaches and the Student Athlete’s perspective, figured out tendencies what college coaches are looking for, and watched first hand the changes of recruiting moving from the ‘old’ sending VHS tapes college coaches to today’s online profile approach. We have studied companies inside and out who have started the recruiting service world 35 years ago, as well as, new age ‘largest recruiting network’ companies who have streamlined the process using the internet. National Prospect ID has documented the successes and shortcomings of the entire recruiting world and came up with an approach to recruiting that is best suited for the Student Athlete and their parents. Our approach allows the student athlete the best opportunity to get recruited by using technology and the experience of the industry’s top Collegiate Scouts.

Today, National Prospect ID is the fastest growing scouting organization and the NPID recruiting game plan increases your chances of being recruited.

What We Do & Our Impact

National Prospect ID is motivated to help passionate student-athletes live their dream of playing college sports at the right school for them. We use our cutting edge recruiting technology, in addition to our recruiting experience, to help connect each student-athlete with the right college coaches across the country. We give our student-athletes the confidence and knowledge to speak to college coaches and negotiate the best opportunity for them.

Exposure and videos are an important component in the recruiting process, but proper guidance is the key to success. Our team is present to assist you through the recruiting process step-by-step. Each student-athlete will have a personal scout and a recruiting team committed to their positive experience. In addition to answering all recruiting questions, each student-athlete’s recruiting team will conduct check-ins and personal recruiting sessions throughout the process.

Providing education on the recruiting process, how to email and speak with college coaches, and guidance on negotiating scholarships makes a positive impact on our student-athletes recruiting process. It is our job to provide all the necessary tools that benefit our recruits and their families. At National Prospect ID, we are committed to our student-athlete’s recruiting success. To boost your recruiting chances, see if you qualify to be part of NPID’s next recruiting class. Create your profile and become one step closer to living your dream.